Micron e.MMC Memory

Micron e.MMC Memory combines high-capacity NAND Flash memory with a high-speed MultiMediaCard (MMC) controller. The e.MMC is housed in a single-package and is a great choice for MMC-like, application-to-application interoperability. The devices are housed in a wide range of consumer, networking, industrial, and automotive applications. Micron offers e.MMC memory solutions in a variety of densities and options because they manufacture the NAND components.

Micron e.MMC Memory is an industry-standard BGA single-package solution that combines a NAND flash memory device with a JEDEC-compliant controller. The decices manage operations internally like wear leveling, bad block management and device mapping. Error handling is also implemented internally to remove the burden from the host processor, thereby optimizing system performance.


  • Choose from automotive-, industrial- and consumer-grade e.MMC solutions
  • High endurance
  • Industry-standard 153- and 169-ball BGAs
  • JEDEC-compliant 100-ball BGA
  • Automotive qualification


  • Automotive
    • Advanced driver assistance systems
    • Cluster/dashboard
    • Infotainment
    • Drive data recorder

  • Industrial
    • Factory/building automation
    • Point of sales
    • Energy
    • Transportation
    • Aerospace and defense
    • Surveillance
    • Medical equipment
  • Consumer
    • Digital TVs (DTV)
    • Set-top boxes (STB)
    • Home automation
    • Digital video cameras (DVC)
    • Digital still cameras (DSC)
    • Augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR)
    • Wearables


How e.MMC Memory Works

Block Diagram - Micron e.MMC Memory
Publicado: 2018-07-25 | Actualizado: 2023-08-17