Altera / Intel Cyclone® II FPGAs

Altera Cyclone® II 90nm FPGAs are built from the ground up for the low cost and provide a customer-defined feature set for high volume, cost-sensitive applications. Cyclone II FPGAs deliver high-performance and low-power consumption at a cost that rivals that of ASICs. Cyclone II FPGAs extend the low-cost FPGA density range to 68,416 Logic Elements (LEs) and provide up to 622 usable I/O pins and up to 1.1Mbits of embedded memory. These FPGAs are manufactured on 300mm wafers using TSMC's 90nm low-k dielectric process to ensure rapid availability and low cost. By minimizing silicon area, Cyclone II devices can support complex digital systems on a single chip at a cost that rivals that of ASICs. Altera Cyclone II FPGAs offer 60% higher performance and half the power consumption of competing 90nm FPGAs. The low cost and optimized feature set of Cyclone II FPGAs make them ideal solutions for a wide array of automotive, consumer, communications, video processing, test and measurement, and other end-market solutions.


  • High-density architecture with 4,608 to 68,416 LEs:
    • M4K embedded memory blocks
    • Up to 1.1Mbits of RAM available without reducing available logic
    • 4,096 memory bits per block (4,608 bits per block including 512 parity bits)
    • Variable port configurations of ×1, ×2, ×4, ×8, ×9, ×16, ×18, ×32, and ×36
  • Embedded multipliers:
    • Up to 150 18- × 18-bit multipliers are each configurable as two independent 9- × 9-bit multipliers with up to 250MHz performance
    • Optional input and output registers
  • Flexible clock management circuitry:
    • Hierarchical clock network for up to 402.5MHz performance
    • Up to four PLLs per device provide clock multiplication and division, phase shifting, programmable duty cycle, and external clock outputs, allowing system-level clock management and skew control


  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Communications
  • Video processing
  • Test and measurement

EP2C20 Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Altera / Intel Cyclone® II FPGAs

Cyclone 2 LE Figure

Altera / Intel Cyclone® II FPGAs
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