Brainboxes USB to Serial

Brainboxes USB to Serial devices include adapters, converters, and hubs. These products provide up to eight RS232 or RS422/485 ports and offer baud rates up to 921600. Many of these hot-swappable modules feature IP-30-rated rugged, high-strength, metal cases, which are ideal for harsh industrial environments. Brainboxes Boost software provides an excellent user interface with state-of-the-art compatibility and data integrity.


  • 921,600 maximum baud rate
  • High-retention USB connector for secure connections
  • Plug-and-play and hot-swappable
  • Fits any USB port
  • Proven, robust Boost software for application compatibility


  • Machine control
  • Point of sale
  • Robot control
  • CNC machines
Publicado: 2019-11-25 | Actualizado: 2023-06-14