3M Connectors Power Clamp Connectors

3M Power Clamp Connectors are designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications for a wide range of industrial controls systems, networking systems, medical equipment, and factory automation. The Power Clamp offering is suitable for CLPA's CC-Link open technology field level networking applications and protocols. Requiring only one hand, the One-Touch "just squeeze" wire termination uses standard pliers for easy field applications with no special wire preparation. The Power Clamp series offers a voltage rating of 250V and a current rating up to 10A for one contact and up to 7A with multiple contacts. The 3M Power Clamp Connectors include wiremount sockets and wiremount and panel mount plugs.

Recommended Product Solutions

355 Series Power Clamp Wiremount Sockets - The 355 series offers a 5 position design, semi-transparent, color-coded covers, and polarization that ensures the proper interconnecting of mating pairs. View Datasheet

356 Series Power Clamp Headers - The 356 series has a side-to-side stackable design and integrated press-fit board retention pins that retain the connector to the board during wave soldering. View Datasheet

357 Series Power Clamp Branch Connectors - 357 connectors feature a one-touch latching mechanism that maintains a reliable interconnection in demanding field applications and requires only one hand to easily mate and unmate. View Datasheet

358 Series Power Clamp Wiremount Plug - The 358 series offers a panel mount option and polarization that ensures the proper interconnecting of mated pairs. View Datasheet

Publicado: 2010-06-23 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11