Atmel / Microchip ATmega324PB Microcontrollers

Atmel ATmega324PB Microcontrollers are high-performance microchip picoPower 8-bit AVR® RISC-based microcontroller that combines 32kB ISP flash memory with read-while-write capabilities. These MCUs execute instructions in a single clock cycle and achieve throughputs approaching 1MIPS/MHz, balancing power consumption, and processing speed. The ATmega324PB MCUs operate at a 1.8V to 5.5V supply voltage range and operate within -40ºC to 105ºC temperature range. The ATmega324PB MCUs feature QTouch Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) that acquires signals to detect the touch on capacitive sensors. These MCUs provide a faster and less complex capacitive touch implementation in any application.


  • Advanced RISC architecture
    • Up to 20MIPS throughput at 20MHz
    • On-chip 2-cycle multiplier
    • 32 x 8 general-purpose working registers
  • Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC)
    • Two 8-bit timer/counter with separate pre-scaler and compare mode
    • Three 16-bit timer/counter with separate pre-scaler, compare mode and capture mode
    • Real-time Counter with separate oscillator
    • 10 PWM channels
    • 8-channel 10-Bit ADC
  • High endurance non-volatile memory segments
    • 32KB of in-system self-programmable flash program memory
  • Power consumption at 1MHz, 1.8V, 25°C
    • Active mode: 0.24mA
    • Power-down mode: 0.2μA
    • Power-save mode: 1.3μA


  • 8-bit of data bus width
  • Maximum clock frequency of 20MHz
  • 2kB of Data RAM
  • 1kB of Data ROM
  • 2kB of program memory size
  • -40ºC to 105ºC of operating temperature
  • 1.8V to 5.5V of supply voltage

Block Diagram

Atmel / Microchip ATmega324PB Microcontrollers
Publicado: 2017-04-21 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11