Melexis MLX83100 Automotive Two-Phase DC Pre-Driver

Melexis MLX83100 Automotive Two-Phase DC Pre-Driver is an IC with an integrated current sense amplifier. This device is used to drive brushed DC motors in combination with a microcontroller and four discrete power N-FETs. The driver controls four external N-FETs for full H-bridge control in the supply range from 4.5V to 28V. Melexis LX83100 Automotive Two-Phase DC Pre-Driver includes various monitoring and protection functions and gate-source voltage monitoring of the external N-FETs. The MLX83100 provides an EEPROM for configure-ability, avoiding the need for a high pin-count package. Applications include water pumps, fuel pumps, engine cooling fans, wipers, sunroofs, blowers, and compressors.


  • 2-phase DC gate driver
    • Level shifting between MCU PWM outputs and 2 external half-bridges
    • Compatible with 3.3V to 5V microcontrollers
  • Integrated current sense amplifier
    • Low offset and low offset drift
    • Fast settling time <1µs
    • Programmable gain 8x to 48x
  • Support supply voltage range
    • Absolute maximum rating: 45V
    • Operating range: 4.5V to 28V
    • 12V to 28V Battery systems
    • Automotive qualified for 12V
    • Sleep mode with current <30µA
  • Two-charge pump configuration modes
    • Low-voltage operation
    • Reverse polarity N-FET protection
  • High-side gate drivers with bootstrap circuits
    • Integrated 12V voltage regulator
    • Supports 100% PWM operation
  • Extensive diagnostics
    • Undervoltage/overvoltage detection
    • Overtemperature warning
    • Programmable VDS monitoring
    • VGS monitoring
  • Serial, PWM diagnostics interface
    • Configurable diagnostics
    • Full diagnostic feedback
  • User-configurable EEPROM
    • Driver configuration
    • Diagnostics configuration
  • Other
    • -40°C to +150°C operating tempurature range
    • 28-pin TSSOP-EP package
    • 4.4mm x 9.8mm dimensions
    • AEC-Q100 Grade-0 qualified


  • Automotive 12V DC
    • Water pumps / oil pumps / fuel pumps
    • HVAC blower/compressors
    • Wipers
    • Sunroofs
  • Industrial DC motor drivers up to 28V
    • Pumps
    • Blowers
    • Compressors

Typical Application Circuit

Melexis MLX83100 Automotive Two-Phase DC Pre-Driver

Alternative Application Circuit

Melexis MLX83100 Automotive Two-Phase DC Pre-Driver
Publicado: 2017-08-21 | Actualizado: 2022-06-16