KYOCERA AVX Potentiometers

KYOCERA AVX Potentiometers comprise a variety of element types and termination styles. The potentiometers include snap-in, solder lug, or wire lead terminations and carbon, cermet, conductive polymer, or wirewound element types. These KYOCERA AVX devices range in power from 0.1W to 60W and range in voltage from 50VDC to 500VDC.


  • Variety of element types and termination styles
  • 0.1W to 60W power
  • 50VDC to 500VDC voltage range

Potentiometer Types

Linear Motion Potentiometers - 10mm linear travel, flange mounting, 1KΩ, 5KΩ, and 10KΩ resistance value options.

Carbon Potentiometers with Switch - Carbon composition, solder lug termination style, switch rated at 2A/250V with a surge rating of 64A.

Wirewound Rotary Potentiometers - Wirewound element, 1W to 4W power rating, up to 25kΩ resistance.

Carbon Composition Film Preset Potentiometers - 0.1W power, 200Ω to 1MΩ rated resistance range.

Cermet Preset Potentiometers - 1W power, 22Ω to 4.7MΩ rated resistance range.

Publicado: 2019-10-14 | Actualizado: 2023-05-24