Bourns Compensated Pressure Sensors

Bourns Precision Sensor (BPS) Pressure Sensors are high-precision environmental sensors ideal for demanding applications. The BPS110 and BPS120 models are designed for ultra-low pressure ranges and feature 1.5% FS total error band (TEB) over a temperature range of 0°C to +60°C. The BPS125 modules provide ultra-low pressure sensing (250Pa), digital I2C output, and are ideal for use in clean, dry air, and non-corrosive gas environments. The BPS130 models are suitable for high temperatures and harsh media and offer 2.5% TEB over the entire operating temperature range. The BPS240 series is designed to provide fast response time with an I2C communication protocol, high sensitivity/accuracy, and long-term reliability. Applications for these Bourns sensors include medical, HVAC, industrial, automation, and transportation.


  • BPS110 and BPS120
    • Compensated analog output
    • Ultra-low pressure sensing
    • Gauge and differential types
    • Ability to measure ultra-low pressures in sensitive applications
    • Fully calibrated and compensated output for more efficient processes
    • Long-term stability for improved repeatability
    • Digital (I2C) or amplified analog output
  • BPS125
    • 3.3V supply
    • Ultra-low pressure sensing (250Pa)
    • Gauge and differential types
    • For use in clean, dry air, and non-corrosive gas environments
    • Digital I2C output
  • BPS130
    • Compensated output
    • Ultra-low pressure sensing
    • Direct-media monitoring
    • Gauge and absolute types
    • Isolated onboard electronics
    • Gold-plated Kovar™ port option
    • RoHS compliant
  • BPS240
    • Low voltage operation
    • Low current consumption
    • Fast response time
    • I2C communication protocol
    • Reliable capacitive technology
    • Relative humidity accuracy of ±2% (typical)


  • BPS110 and BPS120
    • Medical – Patient monitoring equipment, respiration monitoring, and control
    • HVAC – Commercial and industrial
  • BPS125
    • Industrial - HVAC systems, process monitoring, and packaging automation
    • Medical Devices (low/medium risk) - Diagnostic equipment, and analysis equipment
  • BPS130
    • HVAC – Commercial and industrial
    • Industrial – Process control
    • Heavy equipment – Gases and fluid pressure
  • BPS240
    • Industrial - HVAC systems, process and climate monitoring, interior and exterior
    • Medical (low/medium risk) - Diagnostic equipment, and analysis equipment
Publicado: 2018-08-24 | Actualizado: 2022-11-11