BittWare IA-220-U2 U.2 FPGA Accelerator

BittWare IA-220-U2 U.2 FPGA Accelerator features an Intel Agilex FPGA supporting PCIe Gen4 directly coupled to local DDR4 memory, ideal for NVMe acceleration. The IA-220-U2 can be programmed by users developing in-house capabilities or delivered as a ready-to-run pre-configured solution featuring Eideticom’s NoLoad® IP. The IA220-U2 is front-serviceable in a 1U chassis and can be mixed in with storage units in the same server, allowing users to mix-and-match storage and acceleration.

This energy-efficient, flexible compute node is intended to be deployed within conventional U.2 NVMe storage arrays (approximately 1:8 ratio), allowing FPGA-accelerated instances of:

• Erasure coding and deduplication
• Compression, encryption, and hashing
• String/image search and database sort/ join/filter
• Machine learning inference


  • PCIe Gen4 support
  • Up to 16GBytes DDR4
  • Intel Agilex™ FPGA with up to 1.4M logic elements

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - BittWare IA-220-U2 U.2 FPGA Accelerator
Publicado: 2021-08-31 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11