Benewake TF03-180 LiDAR Long Range Distance Sensor

Benewake TF03-180 LiDAR Long Range Distance Sensor is an industrial-grade light detection and ranging distance sensor with a maximum detection range of 180m. With an integrated compensating algorithm for outdoor glare and other interference, the TF03-180 can operate in strong light environments and rain, fog, and snow conditions within a -25°C to +60°C temperature range. Multiple built-in operating modes let users change the parameters and configurations to meet different applications.


  • Configurable parameters
    • Frame rate
    • Communication interfaces
    • Baud rate
    • Restore default
    • Save configuration
  • High frame rate
  • IP67 protection rating
  • Small size
  • CAN or UART/RS485/RS232 interface options


  • Vehicle collision avoidance and safety warning
  • Traffic flow statistics
  • Camera triggers
  • UAV assisted takeoff and landing


  • Operating range
    • 0.1m to 180m at 90% reflectivity
    • 0.1m to 70m at 10% reflectivity
    • 0.1m to 130m at 90% reflectivity and 100Klux
    • 0.1m to 50m at 10% reflectivity and 100Klux
  • Accuracy
    • ±10cm (within 10m)
    • 1% (10m and further)
  • 1cm distance resolution
  • 1Hz to 1000Hz adjustable frame rate (default 100Hz)
  • 100Klux ambient light immunity
  • Temperature ranges
    • -25°C to +60°C operating
    • -40°C to +85°C storage
  • LD light source
  • 905nm central wavelength
  • Class 1 photobiological safety rating (EN60825)
  • 5V to 24V supply voltage range
  • 150mA peak current
  • Average current
    • ≤150mA at 5V
    • ≤80mA at 12V
    • ≤50mA at 24V
    • ≤1W power consumption
  • 44mm x 43mm x 32mm (LxWxH) in dimension
  • Aluminum alloy enclosure material
  • 70cm cable length
  • Communication interfaces
    • UART/RS485/RS232
      • 115200 baud rate
      • 8 data bit
      • 1 stop bit
    • CAN
      • 1000kbps baud rate
      • 0x3003 data bit
      • 0x3 stop bit
      • Standard frame format
Publicado: 2021-01-21 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11