Apex Tool Group Weller WX Solder System

Weller WX Solder System from Apex Tool Group features a glass touch screen, intuitive user interface, energy-saving sleep mode, and multi-language display. The glass capacitive touch screen has a patented antistatic, chemical- and temperature-resistant coating. The multi-language menu is accessed via a turn and click control wheel with a finger guide and enter key. WX2 is a dual digital unit with a 120W rating when two irons are used simultaneously, and a 200W rating for single-iron use. A multi-purpose USB port facilitates easy firmware updates, parameter settings, monitoring, and personalization. 

All Weller WX compatible tools have an integrated sensor system, customized bit calibration independent of the base station, a built-in signal reader, and internal memory. A wide selection of soldering tips and other Weller soldering accessories, such as fume extraction systems and heating plates, complete the system for a total soldering solution.


  • 200W / 240W total power
  • Viewable from all angles
  • Global language support
  • Intuitive interface
  • Robust touch screen
  • Intelligent tool recognition
  • Multi-purpose USB port
  • Intelligent accessory management
  • Increased accuracy
  • Automatic energy-saving mode
  • Programmable read and write memory
Publicado: 2011-09-01 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11