Analog Devices Inc. LTC3310S Demo Board DC2629A

Analog Devices LTC3310S Demo Board DC2629A features the LTC3310S, a 10A low voltage synchronous step-down Silent Switcher® 2 regulator. The LTC3310S operates as a 2MHz 3.3V to 1.2V 10A buck regulator. The device supports output voltages from 0.5V to VIN with operating frequencies from 500kHz up to 5MHz. The LTC3310S is a compact, ultra-low emission, high efficiency, and high speed synchronous monolithic step-down switching regulator.

The Analog Devices Inc. LTC3310S Demo Board DC2629A is set up to run in Forced Continuous Mode with a 2MHz switching frequency but can be configured to Pulse Skip Mode and different switching frequencies. RT is connected to VIN which sets the MODE/SYNC pin as an input and allows the LTC3310S to sync from an external clock. Connecting the MODE/SYNC pin to VIN sets the mode to Forced Continuous Mode. Connecting the MODE/SYNC pin to GND sets the mode to Pulse Skip Mode.

The DC2629A has an EMI filter to reduce conducted EMI. This EMI filter can be included by applying the input voltage at the VIN EMI terminal.

Quick Start Test Setup

Schematic - Analog Devices Inc. LTC3310S Demo Board DC2629A
Publicado: 2019-05-08 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11