Analog Devices Inc. ADPA1105-EVALZ Evaluation Kit

Analog Devices Inc. ADPA1105-EVALZ Evaluation Kit facilitates an extensive evaluation of the ADPA1105 0.9GHz to 1.6GHz, GaN Power Amplifier. The ADPA1105-EVALZ consists of a 2-layer printed circuit board (PCB) fabricated from a 10mil thick, Rogers 4350B copper-clad mounted to an aluminum heat spreader. The heat spreader aids in both providing thermal relief to the device and mechanical support to the PCB.

The ADI ADPA1105-EVALZ Evaluation Kit ships with a drain pulsing board (Pulser board) that can be plugged into the headers and configured to control the biasing of the ADPA1105. This is allowed by providing a negative gate voltage and a control signal connecting and disconnecting the drain voltage to the ADPA1105-EVALZ Kit. The ADPA1105-EVALZ can also be operated alone in pulsed gate mode, where a negative pulse is applied to the ADPA1105 VGG1 and VGG2 pins.


  • 2-Layer Rogers 4350B evaluation board with heat spreader
  • End launch SMA jack RF connectors
  • Through calibration path
  • Drain or gate pulsing capability

Kit Contents

  • ADPA1105-EVALZ evaluation board
  • 50V drain pulser board

Required Equipment

  • Pulse generator
  • Oscilloscope
  • 50V, 2A power supply
  • -4V power supply
  • Tektronix TCPA312A current probe
  • Tektronix TCPA300 current probe amplifier
  • RF signal generator
  • Directional coupler
  • RF power sensor
  • RF power meter
  • RF attenuator

Front & Back Layout

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Publicado: 2020-11-23 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11