Analog Devices Inc. ADG5462F Fault Protection Quad Channel Protectors

Analog Devices ADG5462F Fault Protection Quad Channel Protectors are designed to withstand overvoltage inputs from −55V and 55V. Placing the ADG5462F channel protector in series with the signal path protects sensitive components from overvoltage faults in that path. The ADG5462F protectors work whether the power supplies are present or not. These protectors are ideal for use in applications where correct power supply sequencing cannot always be guaranteed.

The primary supply voltages define the on-resistance profile, while the secondary supply voltages define the voltage level at which the overvoltage protection engages. The low on-resistance of 10Ω of the ADG5462F channel protectors, combined with an on-resistance flatness of 0.5Ω over a significant portion of the signal range make the ADG5462F protectors ideal for data acquisition and gain switching applications where excellent linearity and low distortion are critical.


  • User-defined secondary supplies set overvoltage level
    • Overvoltage protection up to −55V and 55V
    • Power-off protection up to −55V and 55V
    • Overvoltage detection on source pins
    • Minimum secondary supply level: 4.5V single-supply
    • Interrupt flag indicates fault status
  • Low on-resistance: 10Ω typical
  • On-resistance flatness of 0.5Ω maximum
  • 4kV human body model (HBM) ESD rating
  • Latch-up immune under any circumstance
  • Known state without digital inputs present
  • VSS to VDD analog signal range:
    • ±5V to ±22V dual supply operation
    • 8V to 44V single-supply operation
    • Fully specified at ±15V, ±20V, +12V, and +36V


  • Analog input/output modules
  • Process control/distributed control systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Instrumentation
  • Avionics
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Communication systems
Publicado: 2015-07-16 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11