Amphenol MCP SIM Card Connectors

Amphenol MCP SIM Card Connectors include SIMLOCK® and SIMBLOCK® series for limited space requirements. The SIMLOCK cards feature a latching cover for the insertion of the smaller SIM card, offering a safe contact interface even in mobile usage. The Amphenol SIMLOCK design allows manual and automatic pick and placement prior to surface mount soldering. SIMBLOCK card connectors offer a minimal space requirement and low height, making them ideal for various space restricted applications. SIMBLOCK connectors are suitable for standard chip cards per ISO 7816 as well as for plug-in SIM cards.


    • 2.5mm to 3mm height range
    • Tape & reel packaging
    • For SIM/SAM applications
    • Locking detector and card detection switch
    • Up to 5.7mm height
    • Tape & reel packaging
    • Suitable for standard chip cards per ISO 7816
    • Ideal components for many space restricted applications
Publicado: 2020-06-30 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11