Amphenol InterCon Systems Lynx™ Board-to-Board & Mezzanine Connectors

Amphenol InterCon Systems Lynx™ Board-to-Board and Mezzanine Connectors feature a low profile and narrow footprint, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Lynx connectors are suitable for board-to-board applications that require high-density, high-speed single-ended or differential signaling. Other applications include low-profile board designs, micro cable interfaces for flex circuits, and micro coax assemblies. Amphenol InterCon Systems Lynx™ Board-to-Board and Mezzanine Connectors offer flexible stacking heights for B2B applications and pin counts from 40 to 240 for single-ended or differential applications.


  • High bandwidth and excellent signal integrity in a small footprint
  • Differential pair, single-ended or power with user-defined pin-out capability
  • Variety of board heights and pin counts for design flexibility
  • High-density product in a compact footprint with an effective 0.3mm pitch when compared to standard 2-row connectors
  • Short electrical contact length for excellent SI performance


  • Communications
  • Data
  • Consumers
  • Industrial and instrumentation
  • Automotive
  • Medical


  • 25Gb/s at 4mm to 7mm, 12Gb/s at 8mm to 10mm
  • 4mm to 10mm stack heights
  • Pin counts from 40 to 280
  • 0.6mm pitch contacts in a 4-row configuration


Publicado: 2015-12-18 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11