Amphenol Sine Systems AT Series™ SR01 & SR02 Connectors

Amphenol Sine Systems AT Series™ SR01 and SR02 Connectors deliver a high-performance, thermoplastic, cost-effective solution. These connectors feature specifically designed wire cavities that protect each individual wire seal. This design feature eliminates stress on the rear seal while maintaining an IP68 / IP69K rated (mated) performance regardless of wire bundle direction or improper installation. Amphenol Sine Systems AT Series SR01 and SR02 Connectors meet all of the performance criteria and specifications of the AT Series. These connectors are available in a variety of colors and accept all A Series™ Size 16 contacts. A required wedgelock is sold separately.


  • Heat shrink-capable shroud for applications requiring heat shrink (use of heat shrink is not required to meet existing IP standards)
  • Enhanced sealing plugs for simplified insertion and removal and improved retention capabilities
  • Superior front and rear environmental sealing
  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 18 position
  • Sizes
    • AT Series™ SR01 contains standard diameter rear seals (0.088" to 0.145”)
    • AT Series™ SR02 contains reduced diameter rear seals (0.053" to 0.120”)
  • Color options are shown
  • Sealing plugs include a positive stop for full insertion verification
  • Thermoplastic housing with excellent UV resistance
  • Integrated latch for mating ensures a secure connection
  • Wedgelocks ensure proper contact alignment and retention
  • Compatible with existing standard products industry-wide

Design Highlights

Amphenol Sine Systems AT Series™ SR01 & SR02 Connectors


Amphenol Sine Systems AT Series™ SR01 & SR02 Connectors
Publicado: 2013-01-03 | Actualizado: 2022-11-14