Adafruit TPS61023 5V Mini-Booster

Adafruit TPS61023 5V Mini-Booster is designed to provide a 5V output power supply and up to 1A current. This mini booster comes with feedback resistors that are set to give 5.2V which becomes 5V after the voltage drop over the cables. The TPS61023 is a thermally efficient chip that integrates dual 3A MOSFET switches. This mini-booster operates at ±2.5% reference voltage accuracy over -40°C to +125°C temperature range. The TPS61023 mini-booster is used with battery-powered projects with 2 or 3 Alkaline or a single Lithium battery.


  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Output overvoltage and thermal shutdown protection
  • Auto PFM operation mode at light load
  • Pass-through mode when VIN > VOUT
  • True disconnection between input and output during shutdown
  • 0.5V to 5.5V input voltage range
  • 17.8mm x 11.3mm x 5.6mm dimensions
  • 1.8V minimum input voltage for start-up
  • 3.7A valley switching current limit
  • ±2.5% reference voltage accuracy over -40°C to +125°C
  • Switching frequency:
    • 1MHz when VIN > 1.5V
    • 0.5MHz when VIN < 1V
Publicado: 2020-08-18 | Actualizado: 2022-09-12