3M Connectors SL8800 Twin Axial Ribbon Cable

3M SL8800 Twin Axial Ribbon Cable is a new family of high-performance cables offering ultra low-profile, high-speed, high signal density cables. Currently available in four-channel 100Ω 30AWG versions, the 3M SL8800 Series Cable is the optimum solution for space-constrained systems. This cable is unjacketed, extremely thin, very flexible, and can even be folded with minimal loss or performance impact. The 3M SL8800 Series Twin Axial Ribbon Cable can route along the sides of cabinets and through narrow openings in densely packaged equipment with little to no effect on performance. Even if the design does not require low profile cable, the high electrical performance of the SL8800 Series provides skew control, low attenuation, and high bandwidth for high-speed signal requirements. These features are especially critical at speeds beyond 10Gbps. As high speed applications continue to require more performance, the 3M SL8800 Series Cable will deliver that performance for years to come.


  • 100Ω differential pairs
  • Four pairs with and without sidebands
  • .88mm thick
  • The cable is UL AWM 21008 (150V, 80C); file number E42769
  • Halogen free


  • Paddle card terminated cable assemblies, such as mini serial attached SCSI (miniSAS)
  • Enterprise and Netcom markets


Publicado: 2011-04-08 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11