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Fotodiodos Reverse gullwing 750-1050nm +/-35 deg

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Categoría de producto: Fotodiodos
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PIN Photodiodes
940 nm
1 nA
60 V
100 ns
100 ns
35 deg
- 40 C
+ 100 C
Marca: Vishay Semiconductors
Sensibles a la humedad: Yes
Empaquetado: Reel
Empaquetado: Cut Tape
Empaquetado: MouseReel
Dp - Disipación de potencia : 215 mW
Tipo de producto: Photodiodes
Cantidad de empaque de fábrica: 6000
Subcategoría: Optical Detectors & Sensors

VEMx20xx/25xx Silicon Photodiode/Phototransistor

Vishay Semiconductors VEMx20xx/VEMx25xx Silicon Photodiodes & Phototransistors are new high-speed photodetectors in miniature gullwing, reverse gullwing, and side-view packages with wide-view dome lenses. Offered with or without daylight blocking filters and featuring a ±35° angle of half sensitivity, the AEC-Q101-qualified VEMD2xx3(SL) PIN photodiodes and VEMT2xx3(SL) phototransistors have matching emitters in Vishay's high-speed ±25° and ±28° VSMB2943xX01 series.


Vishay offers a wide variety of sensors for applications across an expansive range of industries, including automotive, industrial, medical, and more. Sensors are devices used to measure temperature, position, distance, and proximity, and respond to light sources. In addition to automotive, industrial, and medical applications, Vishay Sensors are used for computing, consumer, telecommunications, military, and aerospace.

Optical Sensors

Vishay Optical Sensor portfolio includes reflective, transmissive, and ambient light sensors. These feature either analog or digital output. They are used in consumer, computing, industrial, and automotive applications. Reflective and transmissive sensors are typically used to detect the presence of an object, and to determine its directional motion and speed. Ambient light sensors are used to measure the environment’s light level. Sensing the color of an object, a gesture of a hand, the heart rate of a person, or the rate of rainfall are all possible with Vishay optical components.

IR Emitters & Silicon PIN Photodiode

Vishay Semiconductors IR Emitters & Silicon PIN Photodiodes are high-speed 830nm to 950nm infrared emitters and package-matched high-speed silicon PIN photodiodes with high radiant sensitivity from 1mW/sr to 1800 mW/sr. Rise and fall times range from 2.5ns to 1000ns. Vishay offers double heterojunction infrared emitters with the lowest forward voltages on the market and highly efficient homojunction emitters. Vishay also offers the broadest selection of high-speed, low dark current PIN photodiodes that are specifically designed to achieve excellent sensitivity together with high reliability.

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